The platform for european microbrands

Please read the newest press release about Chronofactum here:

In the search for unusual watches for ourselves with a special touch and representing individual craftmanship in watchmaking, we discovered that there was no satisfying platform or shop available for off-the-track brands, small artisan suppliers and innovative designs.

These tantalising “hidden brands” were almost impossible to find and thus remained concealed.

To close this gap we founded Chronofactum and have specialised in European microbrands.

Our brands are not mass produced articles. Our brands are not owned by industrial concerns. Our models are not licenced by anonymous business corporations. In contrast, they embody the individuality and the high standards which we personally demand for our most valued possessions.

We are glad to be able to help you in discovering new and established microbrands, mini-producers, specialists and individualists, local craftsmen and independent designers and to unite the best of these in the house of Chronofactum.

Here we can present the newest models available from our brands and can continue to deepen and expand our partnership with attractive suppliers. Keep up to date and follow us in the appropriate social media.

Your Chronofactum Team.

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