Dutch microbrand with a superb sense of great design

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tribute to the diving watches from the sixties and seventies:
Aevig Huldra

Timeless modern classic with manual winding and three straps:
Aevig Thor

the Netherlands
Rotterdam Region

From passion to profession

“Aevig” is ancient Norse, meaning ‘eternal’.

Aevig was founded in 2013 by Chip Yuen, a long time watch collector focussing mainly on vintage watches from the 50’s to the 70’s. Collecting lead him to the worlds largest watch community, Watchuseek, where Chip eventually designed two projectwatches and started his journey into his own watchcompany.

For Chip, designing watches is more about detail than it is about specs. With a background in arts, design, filmmaking and surprisingly Chinese food (family business) Chip understands nuances that can tip the balance.

Except for the movements used, every thing is designed and made from scratch. All designs are unique and serve a purpose in it’s category. From dresswatch to divewatch to – we will see…
The encompassing theme is vintage inspired. Elements that define a category are picked and analized, the best form drawn for comfort and aesthetics and last but not least function is not looked over.

All designs are retro/vintage based, with a timeless elegance, which leads to a contemporary styling with a nod to the past, with up to date materials and rich features.

In the years to come Aevig will gradually build a complete palette of watches ranging from dresswatch to chronograph. All with the same attention to detail and retro styling that constitutes an Aevig watch.