1000ft italian deep diver:

From the tradition of manometers to the "Misuratori del Tempo"

all cases available in polished, brushed or sandblasted finish

original manometer


Turin / Torino

Wristwatches between modernity, tradition and “next vintage
Made in Italy, manufactured in Turin
Allemano is an Italian company from Turin with over 150 years of experience in the production of measuring instruments such as manometers, thermometers and dynamometers.
With the exception of the Swiss movements, Allemano’s Misuratori del Tempo are made entirely in Italy – from A to Z.
Founded in 1856 as a manufacturer of measuring instruments for the automotive and mechanical industries, the company has now been reawakened.
In early 2019, Allemano will introduce its first wristwatch collection. This is inspired by its pressure gauges installed one hundred years earlier, in 1919 on board the legendary Fiat 501 Torpedo and later on many Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo models.
Today, all timepieces are still made with the same sense of professionalism and tradition as they were over 150 years ago.
The models meet different aesthetic and technical requirements: the MAN is perfect for leisure, the GMT is the best choice for travelers, the DAY has the right characteristics to be indispensable in everyday life. All three models reflect Allemano’s historical heritage of knowledge and experience.

In line with the tradition of each measuring instrument of Allemano’s production, the Misuratori del Tempo models are also accompanied by a certificate which, together with the serial number, not only testifies to their ownership and origin, but is also a guarantee of quality and excellent workmanship.