Watches from our premium manufacturers,
using only high grade mechanical Swiss or inhouse movements

Swiss made Italian design with the spirit of the Dolomites

The pioneers in development of modern dive watches

ARLY since 1947
Every watch a piece of history - unique and irretrievable

From the heart of Munich to the World - Excellence made in Germany

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Master craftsmanship from Japan. The perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

The re-birth of one of the oldest microwatch brands - made in Germany

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Italian design - Swiss movements - incredible conversation pieces. Now back in stock!

The Italian watch blacksmith Erredibi.
Chronofactum has the first edition watch EVER made by the Italian masterminds

Swiss made watches, known for their perfect precision

Masculine timepieces, hand crafted in Germany. Made to order and with customize options

Swiss Made premium GMT dive watches, inspired by the sea