Incredibly fine and balanced masterpieces perfected to the smallest detail

A diver like no other:
biatec Leviathan

pilot watch with propeller fly wheel:
biatec corsair

Her majesty - sunray dial and golden coin caseback:
biatec majestic

Her majesty special - limited real aventurin dial edition
biatec majestic night sky


The King.

The word “Biatec” (or “Biatex”) originates probably from the name of a king who appears on the old Celtic coins minted in the area of today’s Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia) during the 1st century B.C. The name is also used to refer to the coin itself.

The brand wanted to make a strong connection between the brand’s name and it’s heritage, so this is where the brand name comes from.

Naturally, the creators and people who work at the brand are proud to be Slovaks and so the logo reminds of the national Slovakian emblem, which is the symbol of their country, culture and tradition.

Biatec designs elegant and stylish, yet simple watches, Wrist watches, inspired by the heritage, as well as by great symbols of Slovakia and worldwide technological achievements of the past. The main motto at Biatec is: “Inspired by the past, driven by the future…”.

This is where the brand's name ordinateds from: The kings coin.
Every shape, every detail is planned by a sketch on paper before it becomes reality
The sketches themselves are already a work of art
Every watch is assembled by hand by the very experienced watchmakers
The result is a perfect piece of watchmaking art.
"Inspired by the past, driven by the future" is engraved on the caseback