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Resurrection after decades - the rising star among German microbrands

uncompromising antimagnetic field watch:
circula protrail

colorful retro diver, made in germany with swiss movement:
circula aquasport

Dual crown with genuine super compressor function:
circula supersport

Golden City of Pforzheim

The history of the microbrand Circula begins in 1955 with Heinz Huber in Pforzheim, the watchmaking heart of the Black Forest. Today, 65 years later, Circula is producing high-quality watches in the third generation, making it one of the oldest watch microbrands in the world. What makes it special: Original in-house movements from the Pforzheimer-Rohwerke GmbH (P.U.W.) are installed in the hand-wound and automatic watches from the limited Heritage collection. These New Old Stock movements have been slumbering in a collector’s warehouse since the late 1970s and were only rediscovered by accident a few years ago. We at Chronofactum had the great honor to hand over the last available Circula Heritage to one of our lucky customers.

Cornelius Huber with his father and founder of Circula, Klaus-Dieter Huber
Circula dive watch from the 1970s. The connection to the new "AquaSport" is clearly visible and perfectly redesigned
Boxes of the New Old Stock (NOS) movements from P.U.W.
Old P.U.W. caliber detail sheet
German watch encyclopedia 1850-1980

The watch history of the Huber family goes back to the year 1926. At that time the Pforzheim-based company founded the jewelry and watch wholesaler Huber & Co. After the end of the Second World War, Heinz Huber rebuilt the family business in the completely destroyed city.

In the general mood of optimism of the fifties, Heinz Huber also decided that he wanted to venture something new. He no longer wanted to deal only in watches and jewelry, but also to design, manufacture and sell watches himself. He then realized this plan in 1955 and founded the watch brand Circula, which he named after the circulating balance wheel in mechanical movements.

In the seventies, quartz movements became more and more popular and almost completely displaced mechanical watches from the market. In this so-called quartz crisis, Klaus-Dieter Huber, son of Heinz Huber, joined forces with partners and moved the production of Circula watches to Villers-le-Lac, a French village near the Swiss border.

In the eighties, the Huber family finally stopped watch production and once again concentrated entirely on watch wholesaling. This was also the temporary end of Circula. The watch wholesaler Huber & Co. continued to exist for several decades. In 2017 Inge and Klaus-Dieter Huber gave it up for reasons of age.

A renaissance for Circula was achieved in 2016 by Cornelius Huber, son of Inge and Klaus-Dieter Huber. His parents gave him his first Circula watch from 1955 as a wedding present. Cornelius Huber, who has always been fascinated by watches, decided on that day that he would like to revive the Microbrand Circula and in return would give up his job as a management consultant.

In 2017, he already put his plan into action and started with the modernized new edition of the Circula watches.


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