Swiss made Italian design with the spirit of the Dolomites

the newest creation from echo/neutra
averau 39mm 3hands, small second and moon phase

timeless design pieces from northern italy:
Echo/Neurta Cortina 1956 3H

Our best selling Chronograph:
Echo/Neutra Cortina 1956 chrono

Fantastic Material and color combo:
Echo/Neutra Cortina 1956 chrono bronze series

Padua Region

The summiteers

The makers of Echo/Neutra have taken up the credo of “Emotional Durability”.
What the two passionate mountaineers Cristiano Quaglia and Nicola Callegaro express with their watches are on the one hand their highest demands on the quality of their products and the materials used in them, but on the other hand also the longevity of their designs. Echo/Neutra watches are not trendy one-season items.
They are timeless. Timelessly beautiful.

With this approach, all Echo/Neutra models are designed and perfected down to the smallest detail. Echo/Neutra has thus succeeded in developing watches that unite manufacturing and design, form and function, and utility and emotion in wonderful harmony.

With this principle, Echo/Neutra also creates an approach to ecology and sustainability, far from the culture of the throwaway society and turned towards nature, quality and “Emotional Durability”.

Cristiano and Nicola have dedicated their creations to their love of the mountains of their homeland, the Dolomites. Thus, the crowns of their watches are decorated with a likeness of the mountains and the second hands are marked at their tip with the colors of the region, red-white-red.

The Echo/Neutra Cortina 1956 (see video) is a tribute to the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d’Ampezzo.