The Italian watch blacksmith Erredibi.
Chronofactum has the first edition watch EVER made by the Italian masterminds

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The actual specialty of Erredibi is the creation of completely customized watches. The shape of the watch remains relatively unchanged and represents the signature of Erredibi. Everything else can be designed completely according to your own wishes or suggestions. We are happy to support you in finding ideas and take over the communication with the manufacturer for you.

one of a kind in style and craftsmanship:
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The Engineer

FABBRICATO IN BRIANZA – these are the words that appear on the back of every ErrediBi, showing that the entire production chain is managed by a pool of leading micromechanics workshops, all less than 10 km from Milan city center.

Each case kit is finished by hand before being finally assembled, which underlines the uniqueness of each piece produced.

Erredibi’s industrial heritage has allowed the watchcase concept to be rethought and taken to the next level. A simple watchcase becomes a real mechanical work of art, the result of the machining of 9 different components, all of which are taken from the entire piece of material: Unprecedented on the world watch scene – a mechanical masterpiece.

An ErrediBi is recognizable at first sight, thanks to its particular architecture, which gives it a distinctive look without recalling other traditional watch designs.

The details speak for themselves and give the certainty of wearing a perfectly modelled timepiece on the wrist.

They do not look like others.
And we have what you need to make this clear

Handmade straps and buckles in different materials and shapes are supplied by Italian craftsmen, carefully selected both for the quality of their work and the origin of the raw material.

With its strong industrial heritage, it is no coincidence that ErrediBi chose the screw nut shape for its case, which has become a recognizable feature
One of the early "Rigano deBri" watches. "RdB" then became "Erre di Bi", the italian spelling of RdB
The production of an ErrediBi case is a real industrial process
The sharp shape of the case reflects also in the pin buckles of the premium leather wristband