Technical innovations and striking designs with an eye for detail and excellent workmanship - that is Evolvens from Budapest

with fantastic design features:
evolvens 41mm Series

tricium illuminated tactical 44mm beasts:
evolvens TC-Series

masculine, sportive, stylish, casual:
evolvens casual sports Series

like a MOONLESS night:
evolvens black Series


The young and wild

Founded in 2009, Evolvens watches have evolved into something very special. All the main elements, the cases, dials, crowns and other accessories are manufactured exclusively by local suppliers. Thus, Evolvens is one of the only two existing Hungarian watch brands, besides the be-spoke-only manufactory Bexei.

Through the construction of many prototypes, hundreds of plans and designs, and overcoming technological obstacles, an exceptional watch brand has been created that reflects the youthful dynamism and strength of the vibrant metropolis of Budapest.

Evolvens, just like Chronofactum, stands for the feeling that the right idea, with strong will and inexhaustible perseverance, can achieve anything.

Make your Evolvens unique. Each of the limited edition watches can be individually engraved, for example with the name, monogram or signature of the wearer. You will receive this addition exclusively at Chronofactum free of charge. We will contact you directly after your order.

In addition to the development of the watches, Evolvens also attaches great importance to the accessories. The straps and clasps are developed and manufactured entirely in Hungary – with meticulous attention to every detail, new ideas and combinations and the use of first-class ingredients.

The manufacturing of an Evolvens wristwatch is more like the work of a high tech blacksmith than a filigree technician. And yet all components are perfected down to the last detail.