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Super light and colorful titanium field watch:
Formex Field

Special editions with incredible dials

sold out
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the essence in 39mm - simply beautiful:
the formex essence 39

perfected automatic chronometer in timeless design:
the formex essence 43

light weight carbon chronometer:
the formex essence 41 Leggera

The successor to the legend:
the formex essence 43 Leggera

300m COSC diver with bezel exchange feature:
the new formex reef

Dive into another time:
formex reef gmt


“Formex = forme extrème, French for ‘extreme form'”

Formex is a one hundred percent Swiss watch brand, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Biel/Bienne, the heart of the watch industry. The roots of Formex lie in the production of high-end watches and components that meet the highest standards of quality. With extraordinary technical solutions, Formex makes a good product even better, offering extra comfort and functionality in its watch models and specially developed bracelets.

The origin:
More than 20 years ago, two Swiss brothers, both enthusiastic watchmakers, wanted to combine their two common passions: Motorsports and Timekeeping. The suspensions of fast racing cars and motorcycles provided the inspiration for a unique case suspension. The two brothers developed the patented Case Suspension System as a feature of all Formex watches – until today. The system not only protects the movement from hard impacts, but also adds comfort to the wrist. Then there’s the unique look – rugged and sporty.

Where is the journey with Formex heading?
In the 15 years since its founding, Formex has introduced more than 40 collections, all equipped with the patented case suspension. Among lovers of high-quality and exceptionally designed sports watches, Formex enjoys a high reputation.
According to Formex, “An innovative distribution model, coupled with our strong commitment to high-end manufacturing, allows us to offer a premium Swiss luxury watch at a unique price.”

In 2016, Formex broke away from the traditional distribution model. This made expensive campaigns with ads or celebrities a thing of the past. Formex would rather invest the money where it truly benefits customers: in the product development, technology, materials and craftsmanship that goes into making each Formex.
To live up to this exceptional value, Formex watches are generally excluded from all discounts.

Formex keeps its promises
Raphael Granito, CEO of Formex, embodies Formex’s commitment to speed, precision, mechanics and adrenaline with his lifestyle. As a high school student, he spent his vacations helping in the production of watch components at his father’s factory. In the process, he learned the essential steps of designing, developing and manufacturing a high-quality watch from some of Switzerland’s best-known watch brands.
“Pushing boundaries, taking risks and testing limits has always been a part of Formex. Our timepieces have everything it takes to become the most loyal partner on your own adventures.”
To this day, Raphael is a watch enthusiast – but also a successful downhill skater, racer, snowboarder, freediver, surfer, skydiver and paraglider. With these adventures in his heart and technical expertise, Raphael has taken the Formex brand into the future and also onto the internet. With a team that is equally passionate about developing and producing watches, Formex today offers a very special price/performance ratio. We at Chronofactum are very proud to be a part of this team.
Formex: “Whatever the future may bring – we remain true to one thing: we build the highest quality at the best price.”


Formex designs, develops and manufactures all its watches in Switzerland. The company is located in the watch capital of Biel. With its manufacturing, Formex also complies with the strict new specifications for a Swiss Made product that have been in effect since January 2017. Every single watch is already comprehensively tested for quality, function and precision during as well as after production. Only then is the timepiece allowed on your wrist.
Of course, you will receive a perfect all-round service at Chronofactum, including a 3-year warranty on your Formex and the promise that we will be available to you as a trusted dealer at any time thereafter. We will gladly take care of all communication and shipping to and from Formex for you.


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