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masterpiece of italian design
gravithin Argo


Gravithin watches are all about the love of discovery. Inspired by the universe, they combine timeless features with an adaptable modern design for a versatile timepiece. A sharp eye for detail and ability to anticipate future trends means that the Gravithin designs are always unique.

The brand was founded in Italy in 2017 by Cesare Zuccaro with the vision of creating watches capable of expressing elegance and simplicity, while at the same time focusing on design and high quality craftsmanship, so that every single watch is a work of art. With this in mind, Gravithin created timepieces that are now a must for design lovers and watch collectors who need the perfect accessory for their outfit or are looking for watches that can express the latest design developments in the industry.

The word “Gravithin” was chosen because of the idea of blending the concepts of gravity and thin together, to emphasise the lightness of the products, their fine workmanship, and the high quality of the used raw materials, in order to deliver a timeless watch, which is also able to represent modern trends.

With the Argo, Gravithin was able to win the Gold A’Design Award 2019/2020