Who says pilot watches are all the same?
Isotope Old Radium

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Isotope Hydrium X

Limited Edition
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Limited Edition
sold out

Creative - Simple - Valuable - Different:
Isotope Hydrium

Think different - the think out of the box gmt watch
isotope gmt 0°

United Kingdom

We are proud and thankful to have been choosen the only authorized dealer for Isotope in the EU.

Isotope Watches is an independent, enthusiastic and driven brand founded in 2016 by José and Joana Miranda. Based in England with Portugese heritage, they combine original designs with traditional solutions and a boutique approach.

The Isotope brand name is derived from science: isotopes are different forms of a single element and in horology, the Isotope brand represents the individuality and originality that defines Isotope as a company – ‘Always determined to explore new paths and become first among equals.’ 

The “i” in the logo is aligned with the seventh hour, considered by Numerology experts to be the world’s favourite number and a universal symbol of good fortune and unification and significant across almost all cultures and religions worldwide.