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Every detail starts from scratch
Placing the hands on the dial of the Grey Seal
Detail workmanship on the Miyota 9015 premium movement
The Balticus "B" is engraved on every crown
Precision down to every detail are a must for any Balticus watch

Baltic coast - Gdansk

The first steps were hard for Bartosz, unrelated to this industry he had never before learned from his own mistakes and was making some unexplored paths. After registering a patent mark for the whole European Union, he started looking for a supplier of parts. In 2015, he flew to Hong Kong to sign a cooperation agreement with a component manufacturer and thought the worst was behind him…but it was a tough design process. The Grey Seal was the first model of Balticus and despite many prototypes, they couldn’t avoid mistakes and shortcomings. 

Outstanding ideas were quickly verified by the capabilities, lead times and delivery times. At that time, Bartosz didn’t know about it yet, but it took 8 months to prepare the final project, starting with a white sheet of paper. Despite the difficulties, long implementation process and huge financial outlays, Balticus managed to release the finished product. In this way, they entered the market as the new, indepenent watch brand Balticus

The manufacturing of an Evolvens wristwatch is more like the work of a high tech blacksmith than a filigree technician. And yet all components are perfected down to the last detail.


The young and wild

Founded in 2009, Evolvens watches have evolved into something very special. All the main elements, the cases, dials, crowns and other accessories are manufactured exclusively by local suppliers. Thus, Evolvens is one of the only two existing Hungarian watch brands, besides the be-spoke-only manufactory Bexei.

Through the construction of many prototypes, hundreds of plans and designs, and overcoming technological obstacles, an exceptional watch brand has been created that reflects the youthful dynamism and strength of the vibrant metropolis of Budapest.

Evolvens, just like Chronofactum, stands for the feeling that the right idea, with strong will and inexhaustible perseverance, can achieve anything.

Make your Evolvens unique. Each of the limited edition watches can be individually engraved, for example with the name, monogram or signature of the wearer. You will receive this addition exclusively at Chronofactum free of charge. We will contact you directly after your order.

In addition to the development of the watches, Evolvens also attaches great importance to the accessories. The straps and clasps are developed and manufactured entirely in Hungary – with meticulous attention to every detail, new ideas and combinations and the use of first-class ingredients.


Are you looking for a watch that complies with the rules? At Gorillawatches you will find something different. Octavio Garcia and Lukas Gopp, both coming from high management positions at Audemars Piguet, have launched Gorilla, a watch brand that produces such distinctive and fascinating creations that their models are truly addictive.
Their passion for fast cars and muscle cars combined with their love of watches and their many years of experience in the design and manufacture of complex and highest quality timepieces can be felt in each of their creations.
The use of uncompromisingly high quality and exceptional materials to the very edge of what is possible creates watches that do not exist a second time. Gorillawatches breaks the rules of the watch industry and creates constantly new, extraordinary models. Absolutely special and yet wearable – absolutely high quality and yet affordable – Gorillawatches breaks new ground and their incredible success proves them right.


Award winning Italian design:
With the Argo, Gravithin was able to win the Gold A’Design Award 2019/2020

Gravithin watches are all about the love of discovery. Inspired by the universe, they combine timeless features with an adaptable modern design for a versatile timepiece. A sharp eye for detail and ability to anticipate future trends means that the Gravithin designs are always unique.

The brand was founded in Italy in 2017 by Cesare Zuccaro with the vision of creating watches capable of expressing elegance and simplicity, while at the same time focusing on design and high quality craftsmanship, so that every single watch is a work of art. With this in mind, Gravithin created timepieces that are now a must for design lovers and watch collectors who need the perfect accessory for their outfit or are looking for watches that can express the latest design developments in the industry.

The new Jean Marcel Showroom in Birkenfeld
The German day-date in the "wave" is just one of the many
design innovations Jean Marcel has created and patented
Deep inside of the heart of a Jean Marcel premium watch
Due to it's many innovative concepts, Jean Marcel has made it to many of the important watch magazines various times
Due to it's many innovative concepts, Jean Marcel has made it to many of the important watch magazines various times


The roots of the watch brand JEAN MARCEL trace back to the beginnings of the watch company GENGENBACH that was a manufacturer of wristwatches issuing originally from the so-called „city of gold“ Pforzheim since the 1920s.

The lasting value of a JEAN MARCEL watch is based on the use of high-precision Swiss-made movements as well as sophisticated, handcrafted cases, watch dials and hands. By maintaining the strongest criteria of quality the manufacturing of these masterpieces of horology can be distinuished by their outstanding quality, high aesthetics, convenience and exceptional precision.


Neucarl intends to offer a bold, modernist design with retro-futuristic overtones. Mainly influenced by the fascinating Streamline Modern trend from the mid-20th century, Neucarl borrows from the past and the future to capture the moment with stunning timepieces.

The company was founded in France in late 2019. François Carlier, 40, is its founder and president.

The Sept May is the company’s first achievement.
Swiss Movement, superior quality.