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Master craftsmanship from Japan. The perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Chronofactum is your authorized dealer for Minase in Europe. For contractual reasons, we will sell Minase timepieces ONLY within Europe.

there are no words to describe this masterpiece:
the new Minase Divido 2.0

The third dimension in perfection:
Minase Divido

a piece of japanese handmade art:
Minase Divido Urushi

brand new with the fantastic KT7002 Movement:
the new Minase Horizon 2.0

get a view into an exciting world:
Minase five windows

Masterpiece of glass and steel
Minase Seven windows

Inspired by the endless sky and sea:
Minase Horizon

the beautiful for the beautiful:
Minase 5 Windows Mid Size

Minase, Akita Prefecture

The Perfectionists.

To better understand the extraordinary products of MINASE, it is worth taking a look at its origins:
The brand logo, which can also be found on the crowns of the watches, is designed in the motif of a “step drill” and reflects the origins of the traditional Japanese company – as a manufacturer of cutting tools and precision drills for metalworking.

Founded back in 1963 as Kyowa Co. Ltd, the company soon caught the attention of the watch industry. Kyowa’s precision drills became an important element of Japanese watchmaking, and so the company additionally began manufacturing cases for the watch industry.

Due to its expertise and creativity, Kyowa was entrusted with the production of increasingly complicated watch components, cases and bracelets. Polishing techniques became more and more important and an integral part of the manufacturing process.

After decades of producing the highest quality components for brands in the watch industry, the company decided in 2005 to launch its own watch brand, MINASE, to produce absolutely perfected timepieces that were thought out down to the smallest detail.
The brand name comes from the village Minase in the Akita Prefecture, where the company’s workshop is located. Minase is somewhat reminiscent of the Vallee de Joux, known as the birthplace of the Swiss watch industry. The snowy, remote location of Minase limits residents geographically, but it also increases their patience, which is essential for watchmakers and true craftsmen.

MINASE’s desire is to make watches that will still be appreciated by their wearers after 100 years.


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