A rising star of French microbrands. Stunning and original design, combined with superb materials and high craftsmanship

french classic hand wound beauty:
neucarl sept mai


Neucarl intends to offer a bold, modernist design with retro-futuristic overtones. Mainly influenced by the fascinating Streamline Modern trend from the mid-20th century, Neucarl borrows from the past and the future to capture the moment with stunning timepieces.


The company was founded in France in late 2019. François Carlier, 40, is its founder and president.

The Sept May is the company’s first achievement.

The project was available on Kickstarter as of June 17, 2020, with a delivery date of late October.
Neucarl is a one-man company and is powered by a crew of talented independents who are all experienced specialists in their respective fields. We share with Neucarl a passion for the beautiful and well-made. Neucarl’s goal over the next 5 years is to build a brand that is recognized and appreciated by watch lovers for its unique and signature aesthetics, integrity and high level of commitment to its customers. Due to the low limitation of their timepieces, Neucarl is already becoming a collector’s item for microwatch lovers.

Neucarl is the only independent brand producing dresswatches from scratch, without catalog parts yet and still under the $1,000 mark, for subtle and refined enthusiasts around the world who are instinctively drawn to the positive emotions triggered by eye-catching designs.In an era of standardization that dramatically suppresses creativity, Neucarl says design matters.