Swiss Made premium GMT dive watches, inspired by the sea

Dive into the beauty of coral reefs and seabeds:
Springer&Fersen Rangiroa world diver

Paris / French Polynesia

The paradise diver

The creation of the SPRINGER et FERSEN brand is the combination of two passions:
Watchmaking and world travel.
Each model of the brand is inspired by a dream destination, its colors, its spirit and its culture. The first leg of Springer et Fersen’s watchmaking world trip takes us to Rangiroa. Nestled in the heart of the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia, Rangiroa is considered the largest atoll in the world and one of the most spectacular places for divers anywhere. The Rangiroa World Divery reflects the beauty of the coral reefs and seabed, and its unique design is an invitation to immerse yourself in this fascinating underwater world.

Each timepiece is designed in Paris and developed and manufactured in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

The RWD – Rangiroa World Diver:

After 36 hours of travel and crossing half the globe, Rangiroa emerges, the paradisiacal atoll of the Antipodes, where nature and man live in symbiosis.
Suddenly, time and space take on another dimension. The sea and the sky merge in complete harmony.
If there is a Garden of Eden, it could be this place in the South Pacific, in this archipelago that seems to have spared modern life.

„It was during a sea voyage that I crossed the path of sea turtles, manta rays and colorful fish that were looking for shallower waters. Probably that day I became aware of the power and strength of the elements, their beauty and their secrets.“
It was the manta ray, that giant that seems to float beneath the ocean, that guided Axel Grivory’s pen for the design of this men’s watch. A symbol of Maori culture, the manta ray also appears on the back of the 44mm case in the style of a Polynesian tattoo.