Balticus Grey Seal Chronograph 2021 Limited Edition - Blue Dégradé



    • Schweizer premium Chronographen-Automatikwerk
    • Werkehersteller: ETA
    • Werk-Version: 7750 Valjoux

Ziffernblatt und zeiger

    • Besonderes Dégradé-Ziffernblatt für einen wunderschön effektvollen Verlauf
    • Mit Tages- und Datumsanzeige
    • Polierte Indizes
    • Indizes mit fluoriszierender Luminova 
    • Zeiger gefüllt mit fluoriszierender Luminova für optimale Ablesbarkeit im Dunkeln


    • 316L Edelstahl
    • Poliert
    • Durchmesser: 44mm
    • Länge über Anstöße: 50mm
    • Höhe: 14mm
    • Glas: Entspiegeltes, kratzfestes Saphirglas
    • Sichtboden mit kratzfestem Saphirglas
    • Wasserdicht: 10 ATM / 100m
    • Verschraubte Krone


    • 316L Edelstahlband in Gehäusefarbe mit Faltschließe und Balticus-Gravur
    • Zusätzliches original Balticus Lederband mit gravierter Edelstahldornschließe
    • Zusätzliches original Balticus Kautschukband mit gravierter Edelstahldornschließe


    • Personalisierungsoption: Lassen Sie sich Ihre Balticus mit einer persönlichen Gravur zu einem einzigartigen Stück machen
    • Dieser Service ist exklusiv auf Chronofactum kostenfrei. Sprechen Sie uns an.

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Let’s start by introducing Bartosz Knop, the founder of Balticus. He started his adventure with timepieces a few years ago after returning from Iceland. More specifically, he was inspired by the company JS Watch, thanks to which he started searching for material to create his own watch face called Star Dust. The name itself was born on a nice Facebook watch group – Czasoholicy. This is how the idea was born! If he creates something for himself, maybe someone else will be interested in it? Thus, he started to build the first Polish watch brand from scratch.

Bartosz comes from Władysławowo, a small town at the Polish baltic coast. So the name naturally referred to the baltic sea.

Every detail starts from scratch
Placing the hands on the dial of the Grey Seal
Detail workmanship on the Miyota 9015 premium movement
The Balticus "B" is engraved on every crown
Precision down to every detail are a must for any Balticus watch

The first steps were hard for Bartosz, unrelated to this industry he had never before learned from his own mistakes and was making some unexplored paths. After registering a patent mark for the whole European Union, he started looking for a supplier of parts. In 2015, he flew to Hong Kong to sign a cooperation agreement with a component manufacturer and thought the worst was behind him…but it was a tough design process. The Grey Seal was the first model of Balticus and despite many prototypes, they couldn’t avoid mistakes and shortcomings. 

Outstanding ideas were quickly verified by the capabilities, lead times and delivery times. At that time, Bartosz didn’t know about it yet, but it took 8 months to prepare the final project, starting with a white sheet of paper. Despite the difficulties, long implementation process and huge financial outlays, Balticus managed to release the finished product. In this way, they entered the market as the new, indepenent watch brand Balticus